March 06, 2011

Inside Looking Out!

Inside yourself or outside,
you never have to change what you see,
only the way you see it.

~Thaddeus Golas

I am a die-hard gardener and can never get enough! For me, it is equally important to enjoy my gardens inside as well as outside - especially on rainy days or while laboring in my kitchen. If you’re like me and just being in your gardens is not enough, follow these simple steps and enjoy them all the time, every time!

Before you head to your favorite garden center, take time to sit (and stand) in the rooms that face your gardens. It is wonderful to enjoy your gardens (a labor of love) from many different views. Move around your rooms and look out all the windows to decide where and what you want to see

Bonus: Fragrant plants are awesome when placed by windows, patios, sitting areas, or porches. There is simply nothing lovelier than a hint of lavender, lilac, or honeysuckle to name a few!  

Double bonus: there are many plants that offer winter interest so be sure to include them in your thought process!

To keep a clear view of your gardens from inside your home and to help promote sustainable practices, remember “right plant, right place." Proper plant selection allows you to clearly view your gardens from the inside and avoids unnecessary pruning.

More importantly, have a ball as you stroll around your house and decide what tickles your fancy! Gardens are such wonderful gifts to be shared and enjoyed by you and your family while inside looking out!

May all your gardens grow!


  1. You really have a gift and a terrific eye for determining what designs will look lovely and work well together. Wish you lived closer. Great post.

  2. Debra, thank you! I love you and wished we lived closer, too. Our virtual friendship is priceless. May all your gardens grow!

  3. I so enjoyed the suggestions in this post. It made me feel all warm and "springy!"

  4. Thank you so much, Caren! You are always so supportive! (((Hugs)))

  5. I love the quote! I am ready to get outside too.
    Jan, how do you respond to people who leave a message on your blog? I cannot figure out how to do it on mine. Desperately computer challenged.

  6. Hi Susan! Thanks for your comment! It's time we all get outside! ;)


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